Many entrepreneurs begin business by starting a new company or business or purchasing an established or existing business. There is considerable amount of research and investigation involved in the process. Getting legal advice prior to incorporating a company, signing contracts or documents is low on priority due to budgetary constraints. However, failure to carefully consider various aspects of the transaction can result in considerable legal problems at a later date.

At Madaans LLP, we strive to advise and assist you as your business develops.


Our work includes advising clients on a wide range of business law areas.

General Corporate Matters:

●  Partnership Agreements

●  Joint Venture Agreements

●  Incorporation of Companies

●  Professional Incorporations

●  Shareholder Agreements

●  Franchise Agreements

Buying or Selling of Business:

●  Asset Purchase Agreements

●  Share Purchase Agreements

●  Buying or Selling Franchised Businesses

●  Letters of Intent

●  Due Diligence