Why Madaans LLP Lawyer’s is Trusted for Business Law?

We have had the experience of working with many business owners over the years of our services. We have helped business owners and entrepreneurs efficiently carry out business buying or selling in the most legitimate way. We are competent to provide clients with the right legal guidance best to achieve their business needs. It is our expertise in real estate and business laws that makes Madaans LLP the perfect law firm to contact whenever you plan to start a new business or face issues relating to business law in the existing business.

Our attorney and real estate lawyer can provide you with any kind of legal services you may need in Toronto and Mississauga.


Business Formation: We can educate you on all the best options that you may choose to get your business up and running.

Business Operations: While your business is in operation there are probabilities of you running into a situation where you will require assistance from a business law firm. From registering and safeguarding your Intellectual Property and copyright to taking on foreign investors. We will positively step in to provide you with legal assistance whenever you call.

Corporate Counsel: Whenever you are in need of a legal team to offer support and counsel you regarding business decisions, you can rely on Madaans LLP. We can provide you the right legal guidance regarding corporate governance, corporate financing & lending, and Commercial Leasing.

Company Sale: Whether you are selling your assets or stocks, we can help you process them in the way by providing you with the best options available and as well educate you of the potential pitfalls and provide measures to avoid them.

Contract Agreements: Most certainly once your business becomes operational, you will be required to bond contractual relationships with other business parties. This will positively help your business grow and expand. However, due to the authoritative nature of contracts, it is strongly recommended to first get a business layer to scrutinize the contract prior to signing the contract. This will help reduce the risk of falling afoul and being sued for breaching of contract.

  • General Corporate Matters: Joint Venture Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Professional Incorporations, Incorporation of Companies, and Franchise Agreements.
  • Buying or Selling of Business: Share Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Due Diligence, and letter of Intent.

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